The Basement Studio Book: An introduction…part 2

We can fool ourselves into thinking that it will slow down and eventually, it will go back to the way it was, but like it or not, we haven’t seen the half of it. Moore’s law states that our hard drives will get bigger, our ipods will get more powerful and our internet will become faster. With this in mind I think we will see more consumption, and as our taste becomes more distinguished, the music will get better, and worse. More choices mean more advertising to guide the public at-large and more guerrillas marketing to the seemingly classless underground that demands progress and integrity of the newborn styles awakening from the ashes.

Over the years, I have amassed a modest microphone cabinet, a ton of software and hardware(half of which is no longer useable for my purposes), and a growing, almost fungal closed network of computers that do different tasks like processing effects, editing, sequencing, recording, and mastering digital audio. I also received numerous upgrades to my methods, practices, and personal philosophy from my experiences making independent music. I will now attempt to pass this down to whoever will take the time to train their ears, eyes and mind for the purpose of expressing their ideas and the ideas of others in this medium.

Please bear with me as I am not the best teacher. I will try my best to explain things slowly and in a way that one can understand. I will not introduce terms or concepts that are used only in a certain software environment, nor will I endorse any particular software or hardware. I am not paid by a company to write a how-to, so I will explain methods in concept, not specific executions or implementations. Don’t get me wrong, making music gets very expensive.

There will be things you need to have, and things you will want to make your work easier. You will need an array of Gadgets and cables, power supplies and storage, microphones and speakers, headphones and adapters. To accommodate this, you will also require either a large amount of expendable income, or a drive and determination, mental illness, or something else that makes you think, live, breathe, eat, and sleep in the world we are about to walk through. The only thing it will cost you is your ego.

People are going to tell you that what you are doing is “playing”. This is true and the furthest thing from the truth there is at the same time. This is the first dichotomy, or duality you will experience in our journey together. These dualities are things you will either accept or deny. The closer you come to accepting them, the more you will appreciate them for what they are. They are simply differences in perspective. If you can deal with multiple perspectives at the same moment and not search for the truth in them, they will give you valuable information. How we work with people, how we approach our work, how we react to situations whether they are critical or inconsequential depend on our ability to interpret and sometimes appreciate a different perspective. It makes creativity more creative, and brings a multi-layered effect to any project.

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